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Welcome Message to new residents

If you are new to the Blue Jay/Forest Hill (BJFH) area, here are a few items that may be of
interest. As a new resident you may also want to contribute ideas from your own moving
experience. If you are a long-time resident, you may want to add more suggestions.
If you have any questions that are not answered here, please send us an e-mail...

maybe we can help!

NOTE: Information on this page changes often. Please inform us of any errors.

First of all there are two other pages that may be of help in finding stuff:

  1. Our LINKS page carries a lot of pointers to many local organizations and resources - check out our links page.
  2. Our sitemap includes most of what is available on this website, and is listed alphabetically - go to our sitemap.

Bread, milk, small pick-ups

Burning regulations

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New to Ottawa?

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Politicians serving
our area

What to do when
electricity goes

Rockland Amenities


Roofing Tips
Summer nd Winter

Satellite Television

Septic systems


Spotting and identifying overhead airplanes... have fun!

Take-out food




Water wells/water testing
Power outages
Ground water/tables

Welcome Wagon

Winter Safety
Snow on roofs
Carbon-monoxide from
plugged vents



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Bread, milk, small pick-ups:

For Blue Jay/Forest Hill (BJFH) residents, the distance between Rockland and Cumberland village is about the same. Many of us travel between home and Ottawa, so in:
Cumberland Village:

Cumberland Village Amenities - Have a look under our Cumberland Village page.

Village Store (It's on Old Montreal Road.) - They stock most grocery items (competitive prices); small meat and cheese counter; fresh-baked bread, muffins, pastries; decent movie selection (will reserve, and can order in older titles, updated on Tuesdays... click here for movies); water softener salt; some magazines and local papers; bulletin board; bathroom for the beer drinkers! - $$Money machine

Mr. Gas -
Gas, propane exchange; milk, bread, chips, good coffee; daily newspapers; bathroom for the beer drinkers! - $$Money machine/Direct Debit

River Pizza -
Next to Mr.Gas (See: Take-out below)
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Burning Regulations:

Did you know that you need a burning permit in the City of Clarence-Rockland if you are burning leaves and garden waste. In fact you even need a permit if you want to have a backyard summer bonfire. The permit is available from City Hall and is only $10. You may want to look into it before you light up the next time. Burning compostable material (leaves, grass, twigs, etc.) is discouraged. We recommend bringing this stuff to the local Compost Centre, located on Highway 174, about one kilometer east of Mr.Gas, on the north side of Rockland.
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Canaan Message Centre:

Canaan Message Centre:
If you want to get a discussion going on any topic of local interest, leave a message for local residents, alert our Web visitors to particular items, you can do so by leaving your messages on our online community message page. It is easy to do...

Once you get into the Message Centre forum you can either leave a new message to start another topic of information, or you can respond to an existing message, by clicking on the subject line.

Forest Hill:
You can also participate in the Forest Hill "Facebook" page. Check it out under "Forest Hill Friends and Neighbors". (You may have to register, but it free and easy.)
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There are a few Childcare homes around BJFH, and a number of local kids have expressed an interest in babysitting in their neighbourhoods. You can send us an email: if you want to get on the list. In the meantime, take a look at our childcare page.

The City of Clarence-Rockland has a daycare program. The municipality owns three daycares, The Carrousel, Carrefour Jeunesse and St-Patrick. Click here for more information.
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Election information

Whatever election information we carry is contained on a page that we devote to our local politicians. You can find it by clicking here.
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Fire Safety
Residents urged to check smoke alarms
Fire Department reminds residents to clear vents(carbon-monoxide)

Residents urged to check smoke alarms
The Ottawa (and Clarence-Rockland) Fire Services suggest a smoke alarm should be
installed in every bedroom for added protection.

Ottawa Fire Chief Rick Larabie says the more smoke alarms installed in a home means the sooner you'll be alerted to the fire.

Larabie has released a letter in March 2008 in response to a recent rash of fire deaths across Ontario. Eight people were killed in fires across Ontario the first weekend of March, including a mother and her three daughters in Hamilton.

The law requires a working smoke alarm on every storey and outside sleeping areas.

Larabie is appealing to residents of Ottawa to test every smoke alarm in their home to help prevent a tragedy.

Fire Department reminds residents to clear vents (carbon-monoxide)
The Ottawa Fire Service is reminding residents in winter time to clear snow away from snow-covered vents. On one weekend alone in March firefighters responded to 20 carbon-monoxide related.

Platoon Chief Paul Whitney says residents should make sure their furnace exhaust pipes and gas meters are clear of snow.

Clearing away snow from vents can stop the potential for carbon-monoxide build-ups inside the home.
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Garbage, Recycling and Composting:

For all the information on this topic, click here to go to our refuse-recycling page.
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Home Tips & Information (Renovations, pool maintenance, etc.)
Information for the do-it-youselfer, renovator, swimming pool installer, etc.

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 Movie Rentals:

We recommend two local family-operated (call them "mom and pop") businesses (there are others but we like to give the business to the small owner/operators):

The Movie People
- Laurier Street (Across the street from the Independent Grocer). ThThis is the only business in Rockland that is exclusively for DVD and Blueray moviess, television series, etc.

Rockland variety Store - just west of Jean Coutu Pharnmacy has a smaller display of DVD movies.

Movie Kiosks - Some businesses have tried having the red, self-serve movie kiosks, where with a credit card, you can rent a movie (DVD and Blue Ray) for $2 - $3. They ahve come and gone for different reasons. As of August 2104, the only one we have observed, is outside of the main entrance to the Giant Tiger store.

Cumberland Village:

Village Store, the heart of Cumberland Village. They have a smaller selection but they bring in all the latest
releases and the location is oh so handy when you are travelling back and forth from here to Ottawa. More... $$Money machine!
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New to Ottawa? (Click on the following titles...)

Canada's Capital and its Region
Ottawa, Canada's Capital, sits on the border of the province of Ontario in central Canada. It was made capital of the British colonial Province of Canada in 1857. In the 20th century, a much larger Capital Region was created to serve as a frame for Canada's Capital. Since 1969, Ottawa and Gatineau (two cities that face each other across the broad Ottawa River) and the surrounding urban and rural communities have been formally recognized as Canada's "capital area." Maps, seasonal events, geography, attractions, etc.
Canadian Relocation Systems: Ottawa

"Welcome to CRS Ottawa, the Online Guide for people Relocating or Moving to Ottawa, organized by Categories of interest from Accountants to Weather. You don't have to browse the Web; we have done it for you."

City of Ottawa
Link to the City of Ottawa Website.

The cityofottawa.com web site is privately owned and the long term goal of this site is to promote the business community in The City Of Ottawa and to provide info for the residents of Ottawa and those who wish to visit.

National Capital Commission
A Crown corporation of the Government of Canada, the National Capital Commission (NCC) was created in 1959 as the steward of federal lands and buildings in the National Capital Region.

Ottawa Area Links

Just as it says... a ton of links to everything Ottawa.

Ottawa Kiosk
The Ottawa Kiosk web site calls itself Ottawa's largest city guide

Keeping up, keeping busy, with Ottawa seniors.

"Your daily guide to Ottawa on the Web."

Sites, services and guides to Ottawa.
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Orleans Amenities and News:

Have a look at our Local News links to see the Orleans area news sources.
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Pets (dogs):

Please note to new residents who may be pet owners: Even though we do not live within the boundaries of Rockland proper, our developments around Canaan Road, Forest Hill and Blue Jay Ridge are still governed by the "stoop and scoop" bylaw. We are required to pick up after our dogs and cats. It is apparent that many dog owners are not doing this and it is giving all pet owners a bad name. Please.....!! More...
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Besides the Bell Telephone Book we have had a number of smaller companies provide us with regional listings for Eastern Ontario. Only one seems to be consistent:

You can contact them if you want to be listed in the next edition.
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Politicians serving our area

We have three levels of politicians that serve our community: municipal, provincial and federal. You will find them all by clicking here. We have also included some information about elections that may be useful.

If you have a complaint or concern about something happening in your area or your city ward, you can contact your local representative or municipality office, however our advice to you is to contact your local representative at whatever level he or she is... municipal, provincial or federal.

WHY: Because if you call the city department for example, your complaint will be taken, but it very well may be buried in a queue. Whereas if you call your local councillor or representative, and if they are working for you, they should go to bat for you and will have a direct line to the appropriate office or director, so you may get better or faster action. Also, by contacting your member, there very well may be others who have the same complaint or concern, and by letting your member know, it will inform him/her of a bigger picture that may be developing.

Click here for a list of your City of Clarence-Rockland councillors.
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Power (What to do when the power goes out):

Hydro crews on the jobFor those of us who lived through the Ice Storm, we are pretty dependant on electricity...in BJFH, it controls our heat, water wells and electricity.

  • Water Pump - If the power goes out, you probably will have to reset your electric well water pump. The pumps are typically under the basement stairs and the reset switch is on the right-hand side of the square box. More...
  • Sump Pump - If the power goes out for a long period of time, and you have a high water table, you run the risk of a flooded basement. So make sure you check the sump pump well often.

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Rockland Amenities

See our links page for more details.
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Roofing Tips:

Here is a link to a Web site that offers important notes and technical tips on how to look after your roof. It includes:

  • Roof Repair or Replacement
  • Leaky Roof? Some Repair Tips
  • Removing Old Shingles
  • Black Roof Stains? Check for Algae
  • Cool Roofs
  • Asphalt Shingles 101

Click here for more information.
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Septic systems:

Septic - antiseptic
If you are new to the country like we were and have not been on a well and septic system before, this might be a good time to think about having your septic tank pumped and your well water tested. Here off the Canaan Road, a number of our neighbours have never had this done and they have run into grief.

Septic tanks must be drained regularly otherwise they may back up into your home or overflow into your yard. How often your tank should be pumped depends on the number of family members and how heavy the use. The average may vary from two to five years.

If you don't remember the last time your septic tank was cleaned out, better have it done to play it safe. We recommend Bob Brazeau's Bourget Sanitation at 487-3954.

(Click on the pic for more.)

1. To have a look at How Sewer and Septic Systems Work, click here.

Septic Systems
(From the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority)
If you use any water in your residence, it must be disposed through an approved septic system. The purpose of the system is to remove most of the harmful items that might get into the water. Septic systems require periodic maintenance. Properly maintaining your septic system is the key to its efficiency. Click for more.

Septic Systems
(More from Wikipedia)

4. Septic Systems
Maintenance is the key to a lasting septic disposal system. Click for more.
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Spotting overhead airplanes:

Next time you see a small plane flying over your area, see if you can spot the letter markings, then check out the Transport Canada Civil Aircraft Register... (Click here for the Web Web site and use the search options.)
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Take-out food, restaurants and food stores:

NOTE:Over the years, as Rockland has grown, we have had many food outlets come and go. Sometime it is hard to keep up with them all. We all have our favourites and you may want to share yours with us: E-mail: .

In the meantime, if you do a Google search using the phrase "food rockland ontario", you will come up with many of the food services in our area.

Your suggestions...
Your suggestions...
Your suggestions...
River Pizza (Next to Mr. Gas, Cumberland Village... this is our personal favourite!)) - George and brother Issa (Abouassali) have been in this location for years... since 1984. They make the best pizza around... a buck or two more than some of the franchises, but well worth it. Call ahead (613-833-3133) on your way home and they'll have it piping-hot ready by the time you arrive. George has also opened a second store at4042 Innes Road (Mr. Gas) so you can stop there too if you come through that way. They also make donairs and other stuff.
Coming soon...
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Television (Local Community Chanel TVC22):

Local television is available through cable, Internet, satellite and rabbit ears:

Cable vision in Rockland proper, Hammond, Clarence Point and Wendover, is supplied by Videotron.
Cable vision in Clarence Creek and Bourget is supplied by Eastlink (1-888-345-1111).
Cable vision in Cumberland Village proper is supplied by Rogers.

Community Cable Television:
Our local community chanel is TVC22, operating out of Rockland.
They also have a Facebook page.

High speed Internet access is available almost everywhere in Clarence-Rockland. This service is provided by various distributors such as Bell Canada, Storm (via Bell telephone lines), Videotron and Xplornet.
(Here is an Internet related update for Prescott-Russell: "4G Broadband is Live in Ontario".

If you

Rabbit ears:
There are perhaps up to a dozen television stations that are available without needing cable, but it depends on location, weather conditions, time of day, etc. Most of the major networks are available (ie. CBC - English/French; CTV; Global; CityTV-Toronto; CHCH-Hamilton; etc.) You will have to pan your own television channels to see which ones come in for you.
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Water wells/ testing/power outages/ground water and water tables:
  • Testing: Although your water looks clear and has no smell, it might not be safe to drink. Water should be tested at least two times a year, in the fall (low water levels) and in the spring (high water levels), although with potential water problems that might happen at any time, it is a good idea to test more often. The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has an office in Rockland at 2229, Suite 200, Laurier Street (across from Jean Coutu), ( Phone: 613-446-1400 / Fax: 613-446-1454), where you can pick up and drop off your water collection bottles. The service is free and sample bottles should be dropped off before 2:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. (You can put the sample bottles in the cooler at the bottom of the stairs.)

  • Power outages: If the power goes out for any period of time, it may knock out your electric water pump and you will not be able to get water. So you must "reset" the pump switch. The pumps are typically under the basement stairs and the reset switch is on the right-hand side of the square box.
  • Ground water/water tables: Our whole eco-system is inter-connected. Our wells and septic systems should be spaced well apart because anything that seeps into the ground could end up in our wells and contaminate them. This is why it is so important to pick up after your dogs and cats. Animal feces, lawn chemicals, contaminants, will disolve and could enter into you drinking water system. Owners should pick up after their pets, even along major roads like Canaan Road, because what ends up in the ditches eventually runs off into the greater waterways and eventually affects our whole eco-system.

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Welcome Wagon
Clarence Rockland is a Welcome Wagon Community. They have a Facebook page.

( NOTE: If you want to read the messages or join the dialogue you must have a Facebook account and then you must request that your name be added to the page. Facebook membership is free, and relatively easy to sign on.)

Their email address is: rocklandwelcomewagon@yahoo.ca.

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Winter Safety
Carbon-monoxide from plugged vents
Snow on Roofs
Snow "Loading" (snow and ice accumulation on a structure)
Snow Removal Safety
Winter roofing tips
Winter Safety Tips (Courtesy OttawaStart)

Carbon-monoxide from plugged vents
The Ottawa Fire Service is reminding residents in winter time to clear snow away from snow-covered vents. On one weekend alone in March firefighters responded to 20 carbon-monoxide related calls.

Platoon Chief Paul Whitney says residents should make sure their furnace exhaust pipes and gas meters are clear of snow.

Clearing away snow from vents can stop the potential for carbon-monoxide build-ups inside the home.
Snow on Roofs
After the big snow of 2007/2008, residents are urged to check the snow on their roof tops. In one of the largest snow accumulations in decades, several people and animals were killed when the roofs collapsed on them.

You can buy a special roof shovel with extenders (often called a "roof rake") to remove snow from the roof but unless you know what you are doing, you may want to hire a professional company.

(See an article on using "Snow Rakes". Click here.)

In march of 2008 local estimates ran between $360 and $700 for a two-person team to clear an average roof in about four hours time... but you really have to have the company come out and give you an accurate estimate.

Also, if you do not know what you are doing you can easily damage your roof shingles an even putholes in your roof which will cause inside leaking.

Ottawa Paramedic spokesperson JP Trottier said at the time that heavy snowfall and icy weather can cause dangerous conditions on the roof, so you shouldn't walk on your roof.

Snow "Loading" (snow and ice accumulation on a structure)
Snow loading is the downward force exerted on structures by the weight of accumulated snow. The roof of any building is the area subject to the greatest weight, temperature, and moisture extremes. A roof in an older building may be "underbuilt" and therefore more vulnerable to structural problems. A roof may also have been subjected to common abuses Click here.
Snow Removal Safety
From March 18, 2008, a news video from A-Channel.
Hiring a professional to remove snow on your roof will give relief to more than just your back. Click here.

Winter roofing tips
Here is another link that offers Winter Roofing Tips and Winter Security Tips:
Click here for more.

Winter Safety Tips (Courtesy OttawaStart)
OttawStart, "Your daily guide to Ottawa on the web" offers a number of Winter safety tips. Click here for more.
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(It has links to almost everything that is on this website)

A Message of welcome to new residents of Clarence-Rockland

Welcome new residents
(From a Canaan Connexion column by Patrick Meikle, September 8, 2006)
Another summer has streamed by and as one gets older it is not so much of a trickle but a rush as we sail into the future. Our neighbourhood has seen major changes as we prepare to move from one season to another. Many of our fine and original Canaan residents have moved on to new lives and challenges while new families have settled in to take their place. Each house, each neighbourhood could tell an engaging story were someone willing to give it a voice.

And so to our new friends and neighbours we welcome you to the fine City of Clarence-Rockland with all of its burghs and villages and hope that you will find it as pleasing and satisfying as we have over these many years.

From terrible twos to terrific teens
The new season reminds me that it has been a kick watching the little ones grow up from wide-eyed, open-mouthed wonders taking their first school bus ride (as they are now doing again), to the often quiet, young sophisticates, maturing into bright young men and women, some leaving home for good to pursue futures in higher learning or in the marketplace... Now taking their place the new generation of toddlers, products of the younger families gracing our communities and continuing the never ending stories.

Country living
If you have moved from an urban setting you will soon cherish the peace and quietude that rural living brings. You should also know that country life with its well water and septic systems means different rules that require occasional testing and inspections. If you have moved away from the “big city” for the first time, you will soon find that the long commutes and car juggling are well worth the relaxation and muted sounds that a clamorous and cacophonous metropolis does not offer.

If you are a young family or planning to start one, bear in mind that as your progeny grows you may realize like many of us that two vehicles are a necessity and that four or five trips a week to swimming, soccer, dance or other activities can challenge even the most diligent budget, so be prepared.

City living
If you have moved into Rockland proper or one of the several “villages” that make up the greater Clarence-Rockland area you will find that we have most of the amenities that larger centres offer – a good selection of businesses, food outlets, and local services along with a population of commercial owners and residents who are second to none.

If you are French speaking you will feel at home in our 60-plus per cent francophone community. If you are English speaking you will find that our residents are very accommodating to new residents. And if when required you make an effort to converse in both languages as I have tried, you will find our local residents to be even more friendly and helpful.

If you speak French with an English accent or can’t find the correct word as I often do, you may have to remind your compatriots not to speak English to you so you can “pratique”.

Again, Welcome
And so again, welcome to our new friends and neighbours. You can learn a lot about us through this community newspaper, which offers a good balance of French and English news as well as an array of local information, events and local merchants, not to mention a regular communiqué from the City of Clarence-Rockland through its “Vox Populi” pages.

(Patrick Meikle is a freelance writer who operates the Canaan Connexion: www.canaanconnexion.ca. He doesn’t work for the Vision Newspaper and his soppy opinions are his own. editor@canaanconnexion.ca)
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